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feeling like a fraud πŸ’€


Hey Reader,

Just two days ago, I was at a small mastermind event in Austin with Nathan Barry (founder of ConvertKit) to discuss the idea of becoming a Billion Dollar Creator.
While the event was wonderful, but I left feeling like a total fraud.​
Everyone around me had their act together. Me? I felt like a boat with no motor, floating wherever the current took me. Sure, I can come up with a millions ideas for other people to do, but when it comes to my own stuff? I can't seem to pick a lane.
​Here's the deal: It's been a year since I sold my business and I've been stuck in neutral ever since.

I almost didn't send out this email because I want to be "helpful" to you Reader, and I wasn't sure I had anything worth saying this week 😞
But then it hit me – if I was helping a friend with the same thing, the first thing I'd do is narrow the options.
​Having endless options is like mental quicksand.

And it's not just me saying this. Famous architect Frank Gehry said his greatest challenge was designing a house with zero constraints. He hated it. Without a problem to solve, he was lost.​
That's my takeaway. I need to find my constraints. They're not only helpful; they're necessary. It's time to figure out my rules, my game.
But how do I make that game plan? Simple: I ask myself some tough questions. I did a deep dive and came up with a stack of them to help me get to the heart of what I want to do next.
If you're in the same boat, maybe these can help you too. Here they are, no fluff, just prompts to get the gears turning:

  • What skills and experiences did I gain that I want to leverage?
  • What market needs can I identify that are not currently being met? How can my skills meet these needs?
  • What lifestyle do I want to lead, and how should that influence me? How many hours am I willing to commit weekly?
  • What are my financial goals for the next 1, 5, 10 years? How can a business help me achieve these goals?
  • Do I want to start something from scratch again, or would I prefer to join an existing venture? Do I want to buy or build?
  • Do I want to create something new or improve on an existing idea?
  • Who in my network can help guide me towards my next step? What kind of new relationships do I need to build?
  • What new skills or knowledge do I want to acquire?
  • What level of risk am I comfortable taking on?
  • What industries are on the rise, and which are facing decline
  • How do I define success, and what would make me feel fulfilled in my next business?

Random Finds:

1. NASA Chat GPT Prompt

NASA just released a SuperPrompt for ChatGPT called BIDARA.

It is an advanced chatbot powered by GPT-4, aiming to assist scientists and engineers in understanding, learning from, and emulating the strategies used by living organisms to create sustainable designs and technologies.

​Here's the NASA prompt (without the soft paywall).

I've pasted the prompt into a google doc above. I think when you read it you'll likely reconsider how you use AI and ChatGPT. By that I mean the thoroughness of your prompt will decide the answer you get.

Check out prompt they use to turn ChatGPT into the BIDARA chatbot. And reconsider how you use AI.

If your prompts are only 1 line it's like driving a McLaren at only 5 MPH. Yeah it'll get you somewhere, but no-one is going to be impressed πŸ˜….

For a more basic prompt, I shared one I used to have ChatGPT write a response to the IRS in this video.

2. 101 Essays that will change the way you think

Brianna West is a wonderful writer. So many insights that made me think differently and I'll be buying more copies to gift this holiday.
Here's one of the many snippets I took from it:

3. Buying a multi-million dollar business for $0​

This interview was inspirational and felt like a story that could easily be made into a Netflix show. While the title is about business, the best part of it was hearing Sarah's personal story and all the obstacles she overcame to get where she is. And her creativity in getting things done (spoiler: fake IDs for interns & paying someone to take the SATs).

I sent it to 4 people right after I listened to it.

video preview​

4. Convicting a Murderer​

If you obsessively binged Making a Murderer back in 2016 (like I did) you might be interested in this followup documentary series. It's the other side of the story that wasn't shared in the initial series.

Pretty shocking and definitely made me look at the case differently...

You can watch the first episode on YouTube (and the rest are available here but you didn't hear it from me 🀫).

That's it for today!

In my next newsletter I'll share with you a video of how to use OpenAI to create a custom GPT. I just started playing with it and it's pretty insane 🀯

Have a great weekend,


P.S. It’s easy to get discouraged when you don’t like what you see in the mirror. But if you build the habit of tiny daily progress, and staying consistent you’ll see start results. 14 months since stopping breastfeeding and starting postpartum weightloss journey.

36lbs down 🀯

​1 year difference from start of video to end:


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