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how I'm using AI in my business πŸ€–

Hey Reader,

I know I know it's been a bit since I've emailed. When I bought BestSelf back it was a team of one (me). Since early February to June I've grown the team to 7! This involved bringing back 2 old team members (customer service & designer) and hired 5 more people.

Onboarding and training people is not even close to my favorite thing, but it's a necessary measure to be able to get out of the weeds.

Tools like ChatGPT have been incredibly helpful for this. From helping with job descriptions to skill assessments to helping plan out what the first 90 days looks like.

Prompt for writing a job description:

You are a world-class recruiter with direct knowledge of every possible role and title. Your goal is to generate a comprehensive job description. This prompt will consist of two parts.
Today's task you will be in charge of hiring the role of [ROLE] for [COMPANY]. This new role will be responsible for [SUMMARY OF WHAT YOU NEED].
The job description should be concise, direct writing style, using simple language and descriptive action verbs in the present tense. It will avoid abbreviations, acronyms, ambiguous terms and gender-specific language. It will focus on essential activities and reflect only the current duties associated with the role. It will also be comprehensive and thoroughly account for the most likely and common job description content based on what’s known about the job title and company.
Please ask me the following questions and then use this in the job posting.
- What is the title of the job you’re describing?
- What is the name of the company hiring for this position?
- Is the job full-time, part-time, or another arrangement?
- What is the job location? Is it remote, in-office, or a hybrid model?
- What is the compensation range for this job?
- What is this job’s primary purpose or objective?
Please use formatting in your output and ask me for any other details you might need to make this job description great.
ent here...

Once you have a job description you're happy with and can start get applicants for the role. Below is a way to create a skill assessment for applicants. This is especially helpful when you are not as skilled in this area and need judging criteria.

Prompt for creating a skill assessment:

You are a recruiter focused on test applicant skills for specific roles to ensure they are the right fit for the job. You are hiring for [POSITION].
Please see attached job description for a detail outline on the primary purpose and requirements for this role as well as details on my company.
Please create a skills assessment that we can use to test the applicant based on this job description and what is needed for the role. The assessment should be actionable and based on something within the company.
For example for a marketing hire this could be reviewing our website and giving actionable changes as to what changes they would make. If it was a content creator it would be outline a possible content strategy based on what they see on our social media. Please create a test for me to send to them that will take her no more than 2 hours to complete and explain the reasoning behind each part. Also include part of the test that will help test critical thinking skills.

My recent writings:

I'm good at publishing articles on my blog and then never sharing them until the next time I write a newsletter update 🫠. Here's the last few:

What I'm interested right now

In my focus of growing BestSelf while running lean, profitable and making it fun I've been exploring some area's that align with this mission. Such as:

  • Teaching my team how to use AI tools themselves. This goes for things like forecasting, ideation, brainstorming, copywriting, supply chain, documentation. With the right prompts and data it's wild what you can do now that used to take teams of people. Lmk if I should share more on this.
  • Using AI to showcase brand products rather than need expensive photoshoots. Been doing some tests of this with midjourney, but needs refinement. It's wild some of the stuff I'm seeing online.
    These photos are all AI generated:



🎧 Acquistions Anonymous (podcast)​
If you're interested in business acquisitions, either buying or selling this is a great podcast to listen to where they look at real businesses for sale and discuss valuation, risk, operating, SBA loan rules etc. Been digging it!

πŸ“– The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo (book)

πŸ“± Audiopen (AI tool) β€” Been using this daily to get thoughts out of my head and into something actionable

🎬 Inside Out 2 (movie)We took our toddler to see Inside Out 2 last weekend... but also I wanted to see it. My favorite PIXAR movie and I remain so impressed with how they explain complex ideas in a way that makes it kid-friendly. Watch the original.​

πŸ“Ί Presumed Innocent (show) on Apple TV. 10/10 so far. Episodes come out every week so no binging (reminds me of the good old days when you looked forward to a new show episode coming out)...But also if they said, "watch it all for $20 right now I probably would" πŸ˜„

Who's your (baby) daddy?

My wife and I featured on a podcast about how we had our baby. If you've ever been curious about our donor and how that went β€” here's something I've never talked about publicly before:

Random interesting

Australian researchers have published a study that shows that the best form of exercise to treat depression is dancing! Dancing has largest positive effect on any treatment for depression. In second place? Walking or jogging.

Curious how long it would take a hacker to get your password? Here's a cool breakdown below. Please send this to your parents Reader !

Avoid Ego Tax!

Resonated with this piece of writing by Michael Karnjanaprakorn and it's exactly the type of idea I am trying to follow now as I run BestSelf Co again.

Alright that's it for today Reader, I will say launching a *new* business with a toddler is a whole other beast and things like the newsletter have slipped. I won't leave it as long next time!

Take care,

β€” Cathryn


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